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Adding Gothic 1 and 2 to Raptr anomaly (Steam version)

Hi... recently I've gotten the "play old games" bug where I re-install old games I've already completed and re-playing them.

To this end I installed the entire Gothic series through Steam.

Gothic 1:


Unable to be detected by Raptr. Using "Manually Add Game" and navigating to the correct system/Gothic.exe location still gets the error message "Uh-Oh, Raptr cannot find the file".

Gothic 2
Double Detection by Raptr. Once for "Gothic 2" and once more for "Gothic II Gold Edition". Clicking on either of them launches the same game, but game hours tracking are separate.

I'd really love some assistance with the Gothic 1 issue, and Gothic 2 is not that big a deal.

Thanks for any help or hints!

Hi there,

For Gothic 1 it appears that we may not have a Steam Detection for it, thus why it was not detecting automatically. The Manual add feature shouldn't work for that either because it would possibly have a different file structure between the stand-alone and Steam version. I have gone ahead and placed it on a list of games to add to our detection.

For Gothic 2, I'll have our detection team take a look at it, but I'm unsure if there is anything we can do if the EXE's are the same. 

Thank you for writing in!

I have the same problem as the one posted above with Gothic 1, but it is the GOG version that I have installed.


Have you tried manually adding it?

What is the name of the exe that is running when playing the game?

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