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Fake email

 I got email to reset my password ..I dont know if it actual from Rapr

(42.8 KB)

I just received this as well. Could not confirm on this site that an actual attack happened. Can anyone with Raptr please clarify if this email is a fake or the real thing.


Read about fake emails I am going to so I know if a email is real or fake & get some of Internet anti-virus software like Norton 360 or Bitdefender  to be protected ..young people dont know about the dangers on iniernet


This is actually from Raptr. You can see the link here as well on our main website:

Unfortunately, we were subject to a recent security compromise as well as some other companies recently. As a result, we are recommending all users change their password as a precaution. We recommend that it be something different than your previous password and preferably unique from any other website. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

 This I get after I press reset password botton & if it was actual from Raptr then it should have username of user or their name  ...a fake email dose not have any that why I wasn't too sure 

(30.9 KB)

We did have some issues with the first email we sent out. We have since then changed it though. If you don't feel comfortable using the link in the email, then you're welcome to just go to and change your password through that means on the Account Page.

 I did as I forgot my password anyway

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