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World of Warcraft Rank Dropped

So, just today I was "Hardcore" in WoW and for some reason now I am Amateur and it says I need 130 hours or achievements to become experienced.. 

My friend had his ranked changed too, he was "elite" and now he's experienced.

What is going on? What's with the sudden change? How can I be amateur of something with 113 hours (I know it's not a lot for wow) and 141 achievements?

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If the top player adds more hours to his/her playtime, it affects the ranks of everyone else. The top player can influence the rank requirements for a game; that's why every game has different rank requirements.

@zeroraptor but the top player could not possibly have suddenly added hundreds of hours, Also, the requirements for Elite are determined by the top 10% players, not the player on the top. 

BTW another problem that happened by whatever error that is causing this, is that in my account many games that were at certain ranks above newbie suddenly changed to newbie and now need 200 hours of playtime to reach Elite

That is rather odd if it's affecting other games simultaneously. Maybe the Raptr team is tinkering around with the ranking algorithms. Guess we'll have to wait for an official response.

Hey there, official response time!

So to answer ZeroRaptor: No, we did not change the ranking algorithm. However, how you are ranked can alter greatly based on a few things.

So for Sckhar, you are currently ranked at "Hardcore". You have 185 hours played with 162 achievements (achievements can add to the hours played only for ranking). To acquire "Elite" you would need 170 hours or achievements to achieve. So from what we're seeing everything is accurate. But here is what we think could have gone wrong:

  • Swapping through the Recently Played Games too quickly. Sometimes when that happens it can mess up what is showing.
  • Altering characters that are attached to Raptr. Since the achievements give rankings, if suddenly all those achievements are gone, that could significantly affect the ranking. On the opposite side, adding a characters can also greatly increase the ranking.
  • Small glitch in our system that showed you lower than you should have been for a bit. 

For anyone else having the issue, feel free and let me know and I can look into it. But so far with Sckhar's issue, it appears to be resolved unless I'm mistaken.

Sorry to be a necro but there has been a sudden change in game ranks. 

Yesterday I was elite in emperor battle for dune, and today I have dropped right down to newbie and need a further 186 hours to be elite again.....I mean a change like that in 1 day is ridiculous. 

Same goes for several other games - I had about 8 games I was newbie rank on yesterday or day before. Today I have 22 games I am deemed as newbie - a lot of these games prior I was hardcore. 

Has something gone wrong? 

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