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Game ranking not working

The list of games by hours played in the discover games section of RAPTR has not been working for a few weeks now. As this is the main function that I use of this site I was wondering if/when the ability will be restored.

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Yep. Raptr not been tracking my games for nearly 6 weeks now nor is it adding any achievements i get. this site is now not working.


Yeah it doesn't work for me too.

It is the best feature of Raptr and it's not working.


According to all the posts recently that happened roughly 11-3 days ago, it appears we had a server issue in regards to the game rankings (in addition to other things). Are you still having the issue?

Unfortunately, yes, still.

Indeed it is still not working, but the january most played list was released so apparently the numbers are there somewhere. Is there any other way for us to view them?

Still manually adding time to games, still hoping for an achievement rake.


Mine isn't working too. The "funny" thing about this is that it got stuck while I was playing a game, so it didn't changed the game's status until I did it manually.

I hope this gets solved as soon as possible.

Still having this problem. Months have passed, I basically gave up on raptr because of it...


They sent an e-mail some months ago saying that they are no longer tracking games on consoles, but only on PC

But I am a PC user :)

I have to make it clear tho, what I'm missing is the raptr most played games in the "Discover games" section, where you could sort it out by week/month/... It just loads up and states that something is terribly wrong because there seems to be no data...


I also want this fixed. I want to be able to see the top played games by everyone in the discovery section. I just get an error message. As other posters have stated, this is NOT to do with tracking my own game time. I don't care about that at all. 

Also, this is pretty rude to get no response from the devs for half a year and counting. I've submitted a support ticket and received no response. Very poor form. 

Any idea why this is no longer working? If they don't' want to support it anymore, it should be removed from the website.

@carnifex2005 - 

The "Discover Games" or the Game Rankings?

Game Rankings appear to be working, but if you have a specific issue we can look into it. 

Discover Games portion no longer has support it seems. We do have an internal bug ticket on it.

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