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Game play and in game randomly nonfunctional among other errors

My guess is that some parts of this belong on other topics in other sections.

The Desktop client seems to randomly decide to start or stop tracking game play.  I first noticed the issue occurring again (had the issue back with Mass Effect and just ignored not getting points for a few weeks and it was a known issue with the game) when Borderlands 2 stopped giving me a post game summary but has since spread to FFXIII, Dishonored, FFVII, and Saints Row VI.  The play time does re-sync with steam after a few hours but the point accumulation doesn't get applied FFXIII, FXIII-2, and FFIV don't appear to track achievements either.  

The next issue that I have run into is with the weekly summary that should be accessible on the client, website, and emailed to me weekly is showing the last tracked game time being 06/02 to 06/09.

The final issue that I have run into recently is that with Borderlands 2 Raptr running disables the Steam overlay weather or not the Raptr overlay is active or not.

Is Raptr tracking Farmville 2?

something is borked with raptr. It was tracking ok last week, now its a month behind and also decided to remove 40+ of my games.

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