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What happened to Raptr?

Been using this site for years, loved the tracking, and sharing on Facebook when I got a new game or unlocked a hard achievement. Now they've shifted more towards PC gaming and alienating a good portion of their users. For months people have complained about Xbox and PS tracking being down and instead of fixing it they just say the same thing over and over that they're focused on PC gaming and have zero plans to fix it. Why should we (being console users) continue using this site? It's probably the best Achievement tracker out there, but the guys behind the scenes don't seem to give a damn about the console players anymore. I've seen the posts asking for you guys to communicate with us and yet we get nothing back. I know it's not a simple "flip of a switch" to get console tracking back up and going, but seeing as how it DOES NOT WORK it should be a high priority. Raptr seems to have lost it's way, not all of us game on PC, what about the rest of us?

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I feel Raptr began to lose its way when they started adopting all the weird AMD stuff. The client and the site as a whole had already established their identity around tracking game time and achievements for both PC and console games as well as being an indispensable way to talk to friends playing different games. I feel they bit off a LOT more than they could chew with the whole live stream and video recording additions to the client by partnering with AMD. The chat feature of the Raptr client was already in disrepair with AOL and MSN Messenger both changed in ways that broke their stable connection to the Raptr client. Not to mention there are still a LOT of games that Raptr's in-game overlay STILL doesn't work on. All these issues that have yet to be resolved and now they're spreading themselves even thinner with the AMD issues. Honestly, focus on perfecting what you're good at first and then try experimenting with unfamiliar territory. It benefits no one to keep features of the client broken in order to implement new features that are just as broken.

They took a perfectly good, unique, game playtime & achievement tracking client and turned it into a buggy video recording/streaming & rewards app for AMD. 

(There's plenty of real recording & streaming apps out there which do a much better job of it)

No idea why anyone would screw up their own product like that.. the ONLY reason I can think of is that AMD is paying them for it.

I basically have to agree in regards to the streaming. They're jumping on a bandwagon that nobody wants, adding bloat to an app that is supposed to run in the background while we're gaming. That's the opposite of what PC gamers want regardless of how strong our PCs are or are not.. If we want to stream games then we're going to use OBS or XSplit, not some buggy beta software thing. Especially when this buggy beta software is a gated system to begin with (it has specific hardware requirements). As PC gamers we are aware of what Twitch is, we are aware of our options, and Raptr can never offer the features (chroma key, on-screen notifications, and so forth) that any real streamer is going to need anyway. Losing the console stuff is kind of annoying since I like a simple solution, but I rarely use my consoles so it's not a big deal for me. Then there are the points, which are pointless. People openly game the system with multiple accounts, points are accrued super slow, and unrealistic amounts are required to "buy" anything (80,000, sure). It's set up to fail. You either game the system or you're wasting your time, and I'm not going to game the system. As it is, Raptr will not remain connected to chat networks, it will not remain connected to my Raptr account (not that I know anyone else here, but it's just strange), and I'm not entirely sure that it's stable because it noticeably slowed down gameplay. Also, Raptr needs to provide some kind of CSV file for past data. Don't hold it hostage. Let people export it. I expect some bumps during the transition, but Raptr (almost poetically) has the exact same problem that games do: Stop adding things to it! Fix the problems first, BEFORE you begin adding more to it. Seriously. This is a gaming community specific piece of software, you should know this already. Stop. Adding. Stuff. To. Raptr. Stop jumping onto "Me too" bandwagons. Just do what you're supposed to do, do it well.
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