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New client crashes games & and slowly kills an SSD

First of all, when I ran Final Fantasy XIV and EVE Online today I got 2 errors that 1.8 gb on my system SSD is not enough for something. I cleaned a bit on my SSD and then 2 files apeared (my guess one for FFXIV and the second for EVE) which were 1gb+ each and both my games crashed. Looking into the settings my guess it's GVR's momental replay, any way to disable it? And don't make it a default on feature cause it kills an SSD without the user knowing, and as you know, SSDs are not cheap.

Do you know the names of those files that appeared? Were they recordings?

Do you have Record and/or Replay enabled? You can disable it on the Control Center front-page.

You mentioned both of your games crashed after deleting the files? Were both the games open?

rtf51E5.tmp. Such files creates momental replay.

I never use it and had it disabled (when you showed how to disable it in the other thread, I checked and it was disabled).

Yeah, they were open at the same time.

maybe there is a hotkey that enables MR?

So Raptr creates temporary files when Replay is enabled. When Replay is disabled, it should not be creating those temporary files. Typically, you can also change the location of the temporary files in your Preferences if this is causing issues with your main drive. Running 2 games at the same time may cause an issue we're not aware of. If we're detecting both, it's very possible that temporary files will be created for both games. 

However, you stated that Replay/Record is off. Where did you find the temp file? Do you remember where it was located?

well, they were in c:\Users\Felix\AppData\Local\Temp\ (changed those paths already in the client)

mb the recording was on cause of the update? after that evening (reboot) it doesn't create any files and the insta replay was disabled when I checked it when you said where I can turn it off

Appdata/Local/Temp is the default location for where temp videos are stored. So if you had Replay enabled (even if you weren't saving anything) it still backs up information so that it can grab it at a moment's notice, thus the temp files. We've heard of cases of temp files not being removed, so you're welcome to clean it out. 

You can also change the Temp folder by going into your Preferences > GVR > Location.

The Replay/Record could have turned back on with a fresh update.

Hey i've read everything here and it is very helpful, i have having a similar problem, but its because i am streaming.  After about 20 minutes or so of playing certain games it will pop up a window that says.  Failed to create dump file.   This causes my game to dc aswell as the stream to shut down.  This temp folder stuff is very helpful, but i need to figure out exactly what to adjust or how to create a dump file properly for this.

@Chilln77 - Have you created a ticket regarding this issue?

More than likely we'll need to take a look at your Raptr logs to look into this exact issue. 

OK, it has happened twice in the last 24 hours will i still be able to make a ticket? if so how? If not, i might just try lowering the stream quality, try it and happens again then make one?  But i also am apprehensive as in, the game i will be doing this on is League of Legends and the dc could be very troublesome to the game for all in game.

You can create a ticket here:

Let me know when you make it so I can assign myself to the ticket.

I'll give you instructions to send logs. If you do it today, it shouldn't be difficult to find the error.

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