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Could Raptr possibly increase the maximum game time we can manually track per day?

 I've been following the updates and issues with Raptr over time on these forums, and I've noticed along with everyone else that the game time for Xbox 360 games has stopped tracking, achievements/trophies have stopped updating, etc. I have started tracking game time on other services to try to make up for this, but Raptr used to be the only one I used and thus has the majority of my gaming history in the past four years tracked, so it's the most accurate, and I'd like to keep it "as" accurate as possible within the limitations.

Here's my problem: even before Raptr stopped tracking my Xbox games, I was running behind on my Playstation games, unlisted PC games, etc. with the manual tracking because of its 6 hour per day maximum. There are dozens of games that I have on my profile that I still need to add upwards of 40+ hours to manually to match the time I actually put into them. Now that game time tracking has stopped for everything but listed PC games, I've had to start a spreadsheet to keep track of all of my game time that I need to add to Raptr. In the past week alone, I put 61 hours into four separate games (for the Xbox 360 and PS4), so I'm getting further and further behind.

Here's my question: I understand that Raptr has a small staff and is considering moving completely over to PC games as it is. There have been numerous requests to get console tracking working again and I know you guys have said there's little you can do about it for now. Is there any possible way, then, that Raptr can increase the maximum manual game time that users can track per day? It sounds like a (somewhat) simple thing to do that would help alleviate some of the problems I'm having keeping up with tracking games on twelve consoles and my PC. I understand that pushing the hours-per-day thing too high would open up the floodgates for abuse, but even just moving it up to 10 or so would help greatly.

I appreciate you guys reading this, and I hope this is something you can consider. Thanks! :)

I'll definitely bring it up with our team to see if we can extend the manual game time. I appreciate you giving this feedback and writing it so eloquently. From what I do know, it's a bit more complicated than a small code change to manually add the hours so I'm unsure if we'll be able to take an engineer off their current tasks to do this, but it is something to think about for the future. As mentioned, I will pass it along. 

Thanks again for the feedback! Have a great day!

I have around 500 hours total game time for Destiny, 6 hours a day is just ridiculous given I'd of had to of known it wasn't tracking when the game released and even then I played more than 6 hours at a time.

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