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What I Came to Raptr For

I switched to Raptr from xFire for the following features:

  • Gametime tracking for both PC AND console games (manual tracking helped compensate for times when Raptr isn't/can't track gametime)
  • Game reviews (with decent reviews backed up by the amount of hours actually spent in the game rather than just reviewing without proof of actually having played the game)
  • Being able to talk to my friends from different games and IM messengers (e.g. AIM, Yahoo, xFire, etc.) without having to download the client for each

All but 1 of these features I originally made the switch for are still working in some way. Gameplay recording/streaming is a nice bonus, but not everyone's computers can handle the high requirements for that. The Rewards system was a nice addition, but yet again that was not what I came to Raptr for.

Gametime tracking is now focused on PC games, which pretty much makes Raptr the same as xFire. They got rid of game reviews, again making themselves the same as xFire. And being able to talk with friends from different IM messengers and games is inherently broken and shows no signs of improvement after more than a year. And now they've partnered up with AMD to compensate for not being able to come up with a recording/streaming feature. The only thing that's not broken too much as of late are the Rewards feature and gametracking, but I'll be honest, once manual gametracking gets tossed out, I'll be making the switch back to xFire.

So tell me, Raptr team. What is it that you offer now that isn't broken in some way, aside from chatting with fellow Raptr friends (since chatting with non-Raptr friends is broken) and manual tracking? You know that you are a small team that can't handle too many projects at once, so why stretch yourself so thin to the point your program suffers for it?

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Thanks for your feedback ZeroRaptor. However, our program has not been suffering. It's true that some issues remain not working as intended, but we're delving into a new territory (that being Game Recording), and that is why it's still labeled Beta. However, we're working hard to get a product that works for people and that they enjoy, which so far has been the case. Everyone is bound to run across issues at times though.

Raptr is definitely changing, although I don't think we're stretched too thin as much as we're going in different directions and putting our focus on avenues that have so far shown great promise. I apologize that the original features you came to Raptr have either not been working, or have been sunset.

so disappointed they have stopped console support officially now no point in being here now for me


@Skibadee - As mentioned in the post stating we're not longer supporting console support, we recommended Playfire since it seemed fairly accurate if you want to track consoles. However, there are several other websites that track console gameplay as well.

Outright telling us to leave you guys for your competitors isn't instilling much confidence. But if you'd rather say goodbye to your loyal users in favor of starting over with a completely different audience that you may or may not succeed in attracting, then there's honestly not much else to say, is there? Well, at least you've made yourselves clear with that stance rather than string us along with false hopes. I guess this is it for us longtime users who came to Raptr because it was the best at what it originally used to be.

"Raptr is definitely changing, although I don't think we're stretched too thin as much as we're going in different directions and putting our focus on avenues that have so far shown great promise. I apologize that the original features you came to Raptr have either not been working, or have been sunset."

You gotta be kidding me right? You can't possibly believe this yourself? You're just catering to your sponsor, that's all you're doing. And sure, I can understand, you probably need the money. But stop talking bullshit please.

Almost nothing that made Raptr great in the beginning works anymore. It's all about rewards and AMD gaming and streaming (wtf?) and crap like that now...

It's very sad, a year ago I still had some hopes of Raptr returning to its former glory. But I guess it's time to just let go...

@ZeroRaptor - We took the stance to support PC and we're very happy with that decision and it has been working out very well for us. It has allowed us to make more decisions, grow as a company and have great partnerships with companies like Intel and AMD. 

While we don't necessarily want anyone (especially our loyal long-time users) to leave, we do understand that when Raptr first started we were used primarily as a game tracking website for both PC and Game Consoles. So for our users that are still interested in having a website that can track both their console and PC games, we recommended Playfire. 

However, we still have several users that are interested in our PC tracking, Optimization and Game Recording. While you personally may not be interested in these features, there are many that are. If you believe this is actually goodbye, then we hate you see you go. We wish you the best!

I've been a Raptr user for about 5 years now, and I'm in the same boat as OP except I only really used the game tracking feature. You've suggested an alternative, now how do I get my data from your system into theirs?

@beef623 - Unfortunately, I don't think Playfire has a method for transferring over hours from Raptr. However, I personally have not gone through their application, just the website. So there could potentially be an option in there, but I doubt there is. 

I'm with OP.  Been here a bit over 4 years...way over 7500 hours tracked, if you count the times raptr wasn't tracking and I forgot to manually add time.  I don't currently have an xbone or a ps4.  I do however do a ton of PC gaming.  That said....I don't even use raptr for streaming or recording.  The program never works for me when  I try.  I use Xsplit, primarily because of all the extra stuff I like to add to the stream/recording.  So the only thing that even keeps me booting up Raptr now is for logging hours of gameplay and for achievement tracking...oh wait that hasn't been working for steam for months now.  So at the moment...the ONLY thing is logging in game hours.  Oh and sending an auto twitter message that I'm playing whatever game.  Yeah...I don't need that either.  The things I really liked about raptr seem to be going the way of the raptor...dying out.   I'll keep using raptr, for now.  But once I get a console...if I can't track achieves  or gametime on those games....why bother.  Which is a shame, as I do like the crew behind Raptr and I've pimped it anywhere on the net I go and even to people I work with.  Oh well...we'll see


question is, would you delete completely console game database?

i dont care much about console tracking in real time, just the manually add time function is enough for me, and consoles i own (like psp/ps1/nds/gba) 

@Verun I know plenty of users who are NOT fond of the optimization feature overriding their own game settings. Raptr went from letting users do what they want with their settings to dictating what it thinks is the best for them based on users with better PCs. It's rather annoying to have Raptr tell me how to set my games when I'm perfectly fine with the way they're set up for me. "Your game is not optimized yet." Well, I've been playing my games just fine without them "optimized" so kindly get out of my face about that. And there's much fewer people interested in recording and streaming because there's much fewer people who have a strong enough PC to handle it. So you're favoring the few who have the right tech for it over the giant majority who just want to record both their PC and console games.

@ZeroRaptor - 

As you can see, you can easily have the optimizer ignore specific games. We actually do get quite a bit of users who use the optimization feature. However, typically those that have high-end PCs aren't the target for the optimization. The target for optimization is from users who may have a laptop, or low to mid-end PC and typically don't know what "Anisotropic Filtering" does, or don't know how much "Anti-Aliasing" will affect their game performance. 

For those that do know what settings they like and prefer to tweak the performance themselves, we recommend that you change the settings to what you wish and just ignore the optimizer. We base the optimization off of the specific user's GPU, hardware settings and resolution; not high-end PCs.

Keep in mind with our recording we are testing it with lower-end performance laptops, as we want it to work for everyone no matter what their machine is. We even just released the new client that can record regardless of game detection making it very easy to just start recording. We have seen a huge increase in user-base since the introduction of recording software and it's something that we want to do as a company. 

@Oorn - I honestly don't know what we're doing currently with the console data. Honestly, I believe everything "works" the same it did before the announcement, but it was an announcement to let that information out in the open instead of it just "never working ever again". All your console data is still on your account. 

I'd like to point out that playfire doesn't do what Raptr does: game time tracking.

I can't track my console playing game time there. Raptr offers something special and unique and it's a horrible shame that that portion of the site is now neglected.

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