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Xfire: ID not verified.

Greetings raptr staff. Well there is and was for over a YEAR now a problem with one MOST important feature of raptr in particular. The merge, the change whatever u call it from one client to another is very important don't u think? Like when u change a house u leave one, u lock it up and sell whatever and forget about it. There was a topic created in past which did nothing, no use came of it for a over a year there was found no solution.
So I do have a problem with raptr, in event when I Sync my Xfire account, and it is successful, hopefully. I meet a wall on my way... There is no way I can Lock/Verify my account from xfire to raptr so nobody abuse it or smth. I just want it locked after me. The community found this is happening because xfire change just listen "A LINK" a simple link from xfire to social.xfire or whatever. And can't be fixed for a year now... Please find a solution so we can verify our xfire accounts and delete this programme, cause xfire don't want a gaming hour library anymore. But do you? Thanks in advance.

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I also have the same problem. I recently joined raptr, and discovered that it has an xfire sync option. However, this option is now obsolete due to the modifications xfire made within its new site. A few months ago it still had a proper profile page with about section, but right now it is gone. The only place I can find the description field is on the classic xfire page, that I can edit too with the same account details. For example, here is my classic xfire account page: . It has everything that I need to sync up with raptr. I hope there will be a way to use my xfire data in the future.

I have the same problem. I'd like to use raprt but I'm not really keen on loosing all my times spent in games from xfire. Can you fix this issue?


I'm also looking for a way to import my old xfire hours with the changes they've made to xfire. Finally figured out how to get into my classic account and post the raptr code, please update so I can verify!

well I got the hours synced but I still haven't been able to verify the account. guessing it has to do with xfire's migration to the new subdomain ?

Same here brothers, i can sync, but i cant get my xfire account verified by raptr.

I'm having the same problem. No sync, no game time added.
Xfire changed the site url changed to or social.xfire. Example: and

But on classic i can't log in to change the About me. On social i can. The change is then shown on both sites

I'm new to Raptr, although i created my account a year ago... But, although my xfire account is verified, i can't sync, it says i should wait 3 hours and it'll be done, steam synched automatically but xfire didn't. It's been 10 hours. What's going on?Will it eventually sync my hours to Raptr?

Xfire has completely changed its platform, it does not track hours anymore and serves just for "organizing tournamets" (that noone organizes anyway).

The old website does no longer work neither does their login server to that site.

Be glad you can somehow still sync your played hours.. the veryfied account isnt such big deal anyway.

Actually, Xfire said goodbye. They will not add more games to support. It's over there. Now only Raptr left, but i think they will also f*ck it

you can still track game time with the xfire client, just not for any new games.

@ DAVELUKEWSKI: i can still log on to the classic site, what are you talking about?

and the sync? still waiting

Yes you can, but who needs track hours on xfire if moderators will not update game list?'

Yes you can log in to classic site, but social site is 502.

Raptr needs social site to import hours from xfire

I have the same problem, I want to sync my xfire played hours with raptr, but i cant verify my account. 

Please, Can you fix it?. 


Guys you can simply verify your xfire account at desktop raptr by add your xfire acc in friend list. you must just type your login and password in there and xf will be automatically verified :)

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