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Xfire: ID not verified.

Greetings raptr staff. Well there is and was for over a YEAR now a problem with one MOST important feature of raptr in particular. The merge, the change whatever u call it from one client to another is very important don't u think? Like when u change a house u leave one, u lock it up and sell whatever and forget about it. There was a topic created in past which did nothing, no use came of it for a over a year there was found no solution.
So I do have a problem with raptr, in event when I Sync my Xfire account, and it is successful, hopefully. I meet a wall on my way... There is no way I can Lock/Verify my account from xfire to raptr so nobody abuse it or smth. I just want it locked after me. The community found this is happening because xfire change just listen "A LINK" a simple link from xfire to social.xfire or whatever. And can't be fixed for a year now... Please find a solution so we can verify our xfire accounts and delete this programme, cause xfire don't want a gaming hour library anymore. But do you? Thanks in advance.

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all i want is to sync the hours, i don't use xfire anymore, just tried to see if it still works, which it does.

I don't care about the friend list or anything else that was in xfire. i just want to save the hours on raptr. And not in a screenshot of a site that's being shutdown

Read maurycy's post. It works for me (account really verified!). Now Im waiting if it syncs...


The maurycy solution is good but xfire changed my password (dont know why), and now i cant, get new one from them

 I found other program that dont make any troubles you just need to type your xfire nick name and in few minutes you will have there full game histroy :)

The neame of this program is "evolve"

Now i want to have my game history on both programs but unfortunetly raptr dont have option to import game history from evolve

But still it is a succe !!! two days ago i fought that all my game history will be gone :(

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  • Guys you can simply verify your xfire account at desktop raptr by add your xfire acc in friend list. you must just type your login and password in there and xf will be automatically verified :)

That worked for me, Just add account in ur friend list window, and type ur id pw, glad I managed to verify it cause today xfire is shuting down ^^


you can import your hours from xfire to evlove

maybe later from evolve to raptr

I manadge to get my password from xfire and its aproved in raptr but its 24h from my update on website and still there are no imported games from xfire ?
can you tell me why ?


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