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Verification email

From last month Can' get the verification email to authorize  location please can check what is the problem? 

When I click on the "VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS" link in the email from

a page is opened in my browser that says "Instant Replays have moved to" and it doen not verify my email.

I am unable to make an purchases because the email address has not been verified.

I have been trying this for the past two weeks with the same negative result each time.

I have been following some other threads for people with a simlar problem but no one from Raptr has responed to them.

Please can someone fix this problem ?

Hi guys!  Sorry about this issue.  I'd guess that this is an issue with whatever browser is being used to open the link, but I can't be sure. 

pak999 - I went ahead and verified you.  If you have any issues, contact us at

faton - You have already been verified.  Have a nice day!

For those of you having this issue, please e-mail us at with your username and we will help.  Thanks!