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Questions about console support ending

1. will we still be able to manually track and manually add console games?

2. will new games be added to be able to add and track (like for example, if Destiny 2 comes out in a year or two and it's not on PC, will a page for it be added on raptr for people to be able to manually track game times?)

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I'm horribly disappointed that there isn't a console support FAQ yet. Your two questions are at the top of my list.

Honestly I suggest not counting on it and not getting too attached to the hours you have tracked. Raptr no longer gives a crap about console and one day I have a feeling all our data will just e gone. They no doubt would say its their property and console users be damned...  I just wish they would let us export the data somehow. We get it that you no longer want us here, now give us a simple tool to exporting the years we spent on your site that you no longer want to support.

But we all know that nobody will even respond to this... might as well get a paper and pen and start writing down your time.  My suggestion is to sign up at Exophase as they do pull X1 and Steam play time along with trophies and achievements for PSN, Xbox and Steam. And you do not have to run a piece of software on your PC to track them.

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