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Let me install where I want to. Everyone else does.

 For a "Gaming App" I'm really surprised that I can't pick where to install this software. I think this has been one of the reasons that I keep on installing and removing it over the last year. I'm one of those users that likes to have my C drive as a SSD that hold pretty much just windows and one or two games I prefer to load in quickly. My D drive has all my other games while my E drive holds software. I would normally place a program like this on my E drive. Would it be that hard to add this feature? I have seen small free software that does the most basic thing have this option? I also noticed that other people has asked about this as well. how much do we have to post about this to see this happen?

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That quastion was 3 years ago. Nothing happen! What`s wrong? Why you do nothing?

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