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Desktop slowdowns - Since new Update


Today I updated to the newest Raptr version.

Since I'm using two monitors (one for gaming, the other for windows), I noticed on my desktop some really bad slowdowns on perfomance.

Navigating through folders or writing in Microsoft Word just gets impossible.

This happens when I start a game and log-in with a character (tested with SWTOR)

Hope this helps!

This is exactly happening to me. It happens with every game that you open while Raptr is running and detecting it. It doesn't matter if you turn in-game overlay or hours tracking off. You just have to shut Raptr down in order to avoid it.

This started to happen since last client update. No problems until now.
Also getting this problem kinda. Firefox was responding poorly whenever I had WoW running, making it scroll very jerky and switching tabs were laggy. thought it was initially the latest WoW patch or windows update, but after exiting Raptr, my browser now runs smoothly again.


I am having a similar effect. But when I try to run the games, it gets to the loading screen and pc locks up and have to reset it to get anything.


 have the same issue, after updating to 4.3.9 when opening a game and raptr overlay activates it slows down the scrolling in every programs (browsers, notepad, word, .....)

Something I observed is that if you open multiple games, performance decrease even more; also affecting opened games themselves.

I'm assuming here that this is somehow related to Raptr's background hookup process that tracks games in execution.

That happen to me too, I also noticed that mpc-hc crashes when raptr is actived since last update.

Faulty module is ltc_game32-94307.dll_unloaded according to minidump.

I'm glad to hear other experiences with this issue. Hopefully they will fix this very soon because I'm loosing a lot gameplayhours..


Yeah at first I thought it was Razer Synapse causing the issues as I had just updated it, but as it turns out after closing my programs one at a time it turns out to be Raptr in the end. I have the in game overlay turned off so it must have something to do with the tracking.

Same problem here. Just uninstalled Raptr. Raptr is turning into Xfire with the ridiculous and unnecessary bloat that is being added. I just want it to record my playtime and that's it. Can we please get Raptr Lite just for tracking playtime? I do not want screenshots, browser, overlay, streaming and all that crap as I have software for that already.

wow+skype+Raptr= Wow crashes alot Raptr crashes alot. And during wow i cannot chat or use skype. typing 1 letter takes about 60-120 seconds to type.


We're currently looking into the issue with some users experiencing slowdown or game crashes with the new client version. 

A few users in this topic mentioned World of Warcraft specifically. Are you noticing the same thing NOT with World of Warcraft, and with other games?

(P.S. We're also looking into the issues with Skype)

 Mine was only with WoW in particular, have in-game overlay disabled

This occurs not only in world of warcraft but also any other game I've played recently...

I usually play Hearthstone in a smaller windowed form which is the reason why I discovered the slow downs... while in games I experience slow downs where icons on taskbar take time to be highlighted and selecting files also slow down... I must note here that anything done within a browser is completely fine, however this isn't consistent with all games played as sometimes it the browsers that slow down and the file explorer does fine.

All these issues disappear after uninstalling raptr. 

Unfortunately, having Raptr uninstalled will make it difficult to find out the issue.

For those that are having the issue, I would highly recommend creating a ticket and then posting back here. That way I can assign myself to it and get you instructions/information faster.

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