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Trying to understand the new Raptr changes/Adding console games for manual tracking

 Like everyone else around here, I remember Raptr the way it was the day I signed up in 2010, and (again like everyone else) simply do not understand why this program seemed to function better nearly 5 years ago.  That said, I'm not here to just vent at the Raptr devs, because Raptr is a very important part of my gaming experience, and I would hate to see it disappear.  I read the announcement about Raptr cutting console support, but it really doesn't impact me in a huge way, since I play little console games these days, and what gaming I do is on the Xbox-One, which has never been supported.  My question is this:  Will you still let us add new Xbox One games to our profile in order to manually track the hours as I've been doing ever since I got it?  I bought the Borderlands Handsome collection several days ago and have been keep track of my time played in hopes of being able to add it for manual tracking.  Secondly, at what point while achievements from relatively new steam games show up again?  I've been playing Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth since October, and achievements still haven't shown up from it.

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One thing that makes Raptr superior for me, than any other similar apps, is the console support and some old games support. Not real time PSN tracking or anything, im talking about older generations console support. You can have game libary of your entire life, including some retro old school stuff in it like Nintendo, even some unknown Japanese titles. And thats the point, to have all your stuff in one place.

If you guys don't have enough employees to continue it... then hire someone from community to manage console database. Im pretty sure there will be a lot of people willing to do that for free. 

They can't just hire anyone from the community, because they can't possibly trust someone they don't know

I dont really see a problem, there are bunch of people volunteering working on wikipedias , with several backups, history and limited access to the database i can't really see a problem.

For example there is also app music oriented, People are modifying database by themselves, and the system is based on community votes, admins are only approving changes.

Wikipedias are designed in such a way that people can easily add information, but Raptr is not about adding information, it is about designing and most inportantly mantaining APIs that allow the users to do all these neat things, like tracking Xbox gameplay

It used to be waaay better. I don't know why they dropped console support.  It seems like a huge mistake.

@KINGDAVID73 They dropped support because they don't have enough man power to maintain it

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