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SYN Flood and tons of TCP connections spontaneously being opened by Raptr

I was having some strange issues with my internet for the past week. Every now and then, the latency would jump up astronomically. On top of that, it was constantly dropping packets. I thought it was my router, then my adapter, then my firewall. While looking through the firewall logs, I found SYN Flood messages from my computer to multiple addresses. After having a brief panic about possibly being botnetted, I opened up Microsoft TCP Viewer and closed every open application except what would normally be running in the background. After about a minute of nothing, Rapt opened up about a BAJILLION connections to public IP addresses, then closed them, then opened more! It kept this up until I opened Chrome to check the security logs, which showed more SYN Flood attacks. Disappointed, I shut down Raptr and waited. Checked the logs and there were no more SYN Flood messages.

So, um, what are you guys doing with all of these connections during computer idle time?

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We will work on this issue through the ticket you created. Thanks for letting us know about the issue though. Ticket #9940 for your reference.