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Will the "Friends and Accounts" feature EVER work again?

It's been over a year since any part of this actually worked.  Xbox Live, PSN, Steam - NONE of them work correctly.

Why have a feature in your application that you're going to totally ignore?

Is anyone working on this?




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Steam should be working as intended. I use it on a regular basis.

Xbox Live and PSN, well...we recently have stated that we're no longer supporting consoles. In addition to that, the chat clients for them is probably in addition. 

I believe there was a recent issue with Facebook, but we're looking into that one. 

Is it never able to connect with Steam, or does it give some kind of error?

Steam is not working for me either, even though it's linked for achievements and such. It just won't get enabled on Friends & Accounts :/


Steam has not been working for me since the last desktop update.  It now constantly errors out saying I have the wrong username and/or password.  Neither are wrong, the information in raptr is a direct copy paste from my password program, the same copy paste I do when logging into Steam.  Steam works.  Raptr-Steam does not.  I have double checked settings to see if I needed to approve the raptr login but nothing.  I've tried removing and readding the Steam account, nothing seems to be fixing it.  

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Yep, exactly that.


im having exactly the same problem as lady lozza since the update steam wont log in on raptr keeps saying incorrect username/password ive deleted and re added my steam and still nothing and this is since the latest update

We are aware of the recent issues regarding Steam connection in the client. We are working to address this issue currently and hopefully should have it resolved soon. We appreciate everyone letting us know and we're still listening to these issues. Thanks everyone!

 So as far as I can tell, MOST of the whole "Friends & Accounts" chat feature in the Raptr client, is just all broken and out of date and does not work.

Lets see, so far:

  Trying to connect it to my Steam account just continuously fails and keeps popping up a box to have me enter a captcha phrase over and over...  It never asks me anything about entering my code emailed from steam, and steam never sends me any emails containing a code.

  And trying to connect it to my Facebook account, just fails over and over again, regardless of the variety of things I try entering for my username (login name, email, display name, ect).

  I didn't try connecting it to either my Xbox Live account, or my Playstation Network account, since all support for consoles is being discontinued.

  I also didn't try to connect it to my Xfire account, since Xfire is dead.

  I see that it has an option to connect to my Gtalk account...  Does Gtalk even exist any more?

I have an idea...  Since most of this whole feature is out of date and broken, how about you just REMOVE IT from the Raptr client, instead of leaving the broken mess in there for people to try and fail to use?  The only part of this thing I can tell actually works, is the ability to chat with other Raptr users.

@Nichodeamus - 

A lot of the chat issues are the result of changes made from the source. I believe Facebook's Chat API isn't even up and going (or they changed it very drastically). And you're correct about GTalk, I believe they use Hangouts now.

Removing the feature is a lot of work and not as simple as removing a few lines of code unfortunately. We're still looking into the future of the chat client and what we'll be able to modify or fix. Thank you for the concern.

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