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Optimus - Nvidia & Intel -

Apologies if this has been talked about the forums are setup odd and could not find anything in search. 

Basically It detects only the intel card not the Nvidia card - I even tried to force the launcher to run with Nvidia card of course that did not work - request that it detects all cards in the system and lets you chose? or a fix for this for now at least. Thanks! 

Hey Unknown404,

We're working on a solution. The API's we're using aren't giving us all the details we need, so it means we need to rewire quite a bit to adapt our code.

We'll keep the community up-to-date.


We think we might have fixed this. Could you try quit the plays/raptr client, and install the following plays/raptr client:

For the Plays Client:

For the Raptr/AMD Evolved Client:

Please let us know if it's working for you


Raptr CS/QA

It just happened to me, any official download/update?

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