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Can't connect Stream or Xbox live accounts

I'm not sure why i can't get my xbox live and stream account added. I have my PSN added, but it says it's not verifted and I did what i needed to do. However it still won't work. I was looking forward to using this and i can't seem to get anyting to work right. If there is something i can do please let me know what it is.


Same here...

Can't connect my Steam Account and Xbox Live Account, but both are verified;

Yestarday was everyting all right, all working and functional;

Today I turn up my computer, inicialized Raptr, and this begin happening;

It says my Steam Account has a Invalid Username/Password, but I can Login on the Steam App normaly and in their Website without problems, so the problem is with Raptr;

When I connect to the XLive Account and copy/paste my Correct Steam Username and Password from the Notepad, the Raptr Client Crashes to Desktop;

Please fix this;

yeah, im having the same thing, at least on the steam end

I have the same problem. It appears incorrect username/password when I try to connect to my Steam account, and also appears a captcha, but doesn't work. My PSN account stopped on connecting status too.
Same here. Used to login great, now it asks for a captcha and doesn't login at all.


Same here on the Steam part, also does not update my Steam Achievements. Really annoying. 

same here, solution soon ?


I cant seem to connect my xbox live, but i figured out my steam.

go to, then type in the url u get when u go to to ur profile in steam, then use the steamID64 to connect 

Hi There! 

   I'll try to clear up some of the confusion here for you all. Hopefully this will answer all your questions.

   PSN, XBox, Steam connections in Friends and Accounts: Raptr formerly focused on console gaming and connecting to PSN, Xbox live, and the Steam chat functions. That is no longer the case. 

Raptr discontinued console support as we focus all of our efforts on supporting the PC platform.  A notice was sent out at the time of the decision to inform users about it and you can read more about this decision HERE. So the Xbox Live connection, and the PSN connection don't work.

  So the next question you may have is, "Well, why don't you just remove those fields?"  Well, it's not as simple as that. At some point they will be removed but bear with us until then. We understand the confusion.

   Steam connectionsThere are two ways to get a connection with Steam through Raptr. One way works, but the other one we are working to fix.

If you go into your account on, you can connect to Steam in the Identities and Achievements. You can see the steps to do this in this article.

But as I stated above, the Friends and Accounts window connection with Steam is not working. Even if you put in your correct Steam credentials, you'll get an error message that says "Incorrect username/Password".

That problem is documented in this article.

   Steam Achievements:  We know that the achievements from Steam don't come through sometimes. For some games, none come through at all.  For the correct listing of Steam achievements that you have earned, you should refer to your Steam account as the source of truth. 

 We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding.

That is a tremendous shame. The cross platform support is what led me here to begin with. I guess it's time to look for a new program to do this stuff.

Hi! In Steam you have tu use your "url" Name, not yout Steam name.

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