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Steam Accounts not logging in

I have two Steam accounts that now ill not log in. I am 100% sure that the passwords are correct. I went to to make sure of it. Both Steam accounts keep saying Incorrect Username/Password.

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Same here...

Same here

 Same thing is happening here.

"I've tested this on my end in response to several other inquiries and this appears to be a general issue with the Steam connection for all accounts. Our engineering team is aware of the problem and currently working on a fix. Hopefully, the connection will be up again soon. Thanks for bearing with us as we sort this out and have a great day."


Is there any news as to when this is going to be fixed? This is really annoying not having these accounts tracked considering they are 90% of my games!

I am also getting this issue, was it fixed?



Any news!?!? I am about to remove this raptr-thing immediatly again if i cant connect to steam!!!!!

I need help! It always says "disconnected"!"!


I'm the same way, I even messaged them in support site and this was their reply on 5/29/15;

"Hi slopok,

This is a known issue that our team is still trying to find a solution or work-around for.  If Steam is the only reason you use Raptr, then I'd recommend just using Steam, as you don't need the Raptr client installed to maintain a Raptr account and use the site.  It's ultimately up to you how you'd like to proceed, though.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Have a great day,

Ticket Reference ID: 12924

Raptr Support


On Fri, 29 May at 3:02 AM , slopok <> wrote:

For two weeks now the raptr client will not log into any of my STEAM accounts. It just says "incorrect username/Password" but I am 100% sure that the log in info i am providing is 100% correct! Are you going to fix this issue or not? if not I have no (0%) need for raptr any longer because this is what i use raptr for. To log my hours played on my steam games. It is useless to me otherwise. So please let me know if I need to uninstall raptr or that you are going to fix the issue. i have posted this in the support forums but they apparently are not read by support staff making those forums useless as well!

Thank You,

Jim 'slopok'"

Still can't login

Raptr used to be really good two years ago, one of (if not the) best game/achievement/trophy tracking systems around, now it feels abandoned, tracking is broken and doesn't work for anything (Steam, PSN, XBL), it can't even connect to those services for months now, game collection and profile pages are outdated, they have not touched/improved anything on those pages for years; worst of all, the devs are nowhere to be found, all they seem to focus is on Twitch and integration, just making Raptr another streaming client... so sad. I guess I can now uninstall Raptr and just use the client, which is the only reason I'am still using Raptr (to record my plays).

I just don't understand why they gave up on the real raptr client.... and they removed all possibilities to attract new users. (Forums gone, website is crap now, client is unusable...)

The only new users Raptr is getting now are the people that install that AMD client that comes with their graphics card (it also installs Raptr) - but they have no clue what Raptr is about (or rather what raptr WAS about)

The URL for OpenID is broken, but folks who run and manage Raptr site just won't fix it. Do they simply not care at all?
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