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Since the last update RAPTR doesn't work for me

I did the last update but since then raptr doesn't seem to be working anymore.

It's not a problem, it doesn't show any error, it just stopes working.

I can't seem to gen any ideea why, I don't have any clue.

I have an i5 and 6 gb RAM.

Anyone else with that problem?

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Yeah. It is not working for me either.

1. Hit ctrl + [ and nothing happens.

2. Hit ctrl + [ and it says try again later

3. Hit ctrl + [ It attempts to stream, and doesn't actually broadcast. 

I have poured over the internet trying to find a fix for this, and cannot. It seems everyone is having a problem, and there hasn't been a fix. There are some people who have posted here and their posts go unanswered, 1 person has been unanswered for 7 months.
I can use Xplit, and OBS, but I want Raptr to work considering it works with the AMD drivers to reduce system stress. Team Raptr??

Same problem. Client dies before I'm even able to login. If I relaunch the client, nothing happens.


Similar problem here started some time in the last 2 weeks. Starting raptr and it shows icon in the system tray and loads the 3 processes in task manager but hangs and does nothing. I have to kill it in task manager.
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