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Salvaging xfire hours

It seems that xfire is finally shutting down on friday, and thousand of hours of play time with it. Syncing xfire to raptr didn't work for me before so now I'm in the most desperate state asking, is there any way to salvage our xfire data to raptr in this short notice?

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I asked the XFire Support about this:


Since you are about to shutdown your social service I wanted to ask if it would be possible to keep the profile pages online untill the final shutdown, so we could export our Gaming hours on record to other services like Raptr.


and got this as answer:


Unfortunately that will not be possible.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

So it seems like it is not possible anymore

Yeah, they already deleted all the profiles and stuff since it says URL missing... Only thing you can do is to download your screenshots and videos until the 12th on

Sad that these Titan guys bought xfire just to ruin it 6 years in a row and finally shut it down. Must be something horrible for the original developers to see this.

By the way,i found out about this   Some stuff is there, not working entirely but it's something

Yeah, I found that too, but it says that my profile is private (which i don't recall), and there is nothing there.. :/


Now I have a new inquiry. I managed to extract all my hours and download my profile page from xfire. Is there any way to merge them with raptr using txt, page html or other formats? If not, I urge the devs to create a way. :)


Could you pls tell us how u did it?

1. XFire's moved your profile to one of it's other subdomains most likely here:

If your profile was set to private, download the client one last time and enable "Show on my profile and miniprofile" in General/Game Status settings, and game data will show up properly on the mentioned URLs.

2. Ctrl+S to save the web page to your computer (Choose "Web Page, Complete") and open the web page (.html page) with notepad++ or your editor of choice. Then press Ctrl+F to search and replace the following line, under the replace tab of notepad++:

display: none

Replace All this code with nothing, or with a space, essentially deleting this code.

3. Open the .html file in web browser, viola. You have all your data back to keep, screenshot or copy. However, still no way to sync with raptr as far as i know.


 Thanks to posts here I was able to screenshot all my data. Over 3000 hours of playtime I'd love to move over to raptr (which apparently I had installed from AMD without even realizing it). I really hope raptr makes this possible...manually adding 3000 hours 6 hours at a time will take....hours.

Considering how Raptr hasn't make xFire import a priority since the last time it broke, I doubt they'd make it a priority now. Your only option to salvage those hours is through Evolve, not Raptr.

I got a new answer from the XFire support:


You can now temporarily view the website at

Please note that when navigating pages, the 'temp' subdomain in the address bar may change to 'classic' or 'social', just set it back to 'temp' and hit enter and you should reach the page you're looking for.

-The screenshots/video exporter should be working now.

Best Regards,
Ben M.

I tried Evolve. It imported my Xfire stuff properly for about 5 minutes then it changed my playtimes from 2000 hours, 1400 hours, 343 hours, ect 8 hours and 6 minutes for EVERY game. It also doesn't import time from Steam. This is why I'm really hoping Raptr seizes this opportunity to get a ton more users.
the "temp" thing doesn't really work, when this is all it shows:


"Show entire gaming history" javascript doesn't work, so you still have to do the stuff listed on reddit:

@KOUGERU : If you have a problem with the data sync'd with Evolve tool, just contact the support. They can manually add missing hours without boring verification like "enter stupid code in your profile page that doesn't even exist anymore". I was missing some days of gametime after migration (main hours - 15k+ - were here, only missing a few games).

On the same time i contacted Raptr's support about this problem, they said they couldn't retrieve this information (even if Reddit's people seem to be some kind of god because they could do it). My choice was based on my 18k game hours to be kept or not. Raptr lost me this day.

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