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Xfire shutdown > Raptr new members

So, xfire will shutdown...

Its possible to add function to show game servers in raptr?

I play call of duty 2. I want to see game server list, and click in friend and view the server ip, players stats...


a lot of people will migrate to raptr. this function will be necessary....

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I came here to post this exact request, but with Halo PC and Halo Custom Edition in mind.

I've asked on the Steam forums and the EvolveHQ forums (I did this in no particular order so no offense Raptr!). Steam said it's up to the developers to add support for that, so that ain't gonna happen, and Evolve said they're currently more concerned with their matchmaking system and have no near plans for this feature.

I don't know about CoD, but for Halo, Xfire was the only program offering this feature. I don't know what sort of numbers it would be (for Halo it might not be many, I have to be honest), but I think people who play Halo PC and used Xfire would likely switch to Raptr if a server browser was implemented. And I suspect the same would be for other games (like CoD) as well.

Kind regards


I find Raptr very interesting, is easy to use and versatile, similar to Xfire (as far i know the co-founder is the same person), actually seem that there is only Steam with the feature to browsing servers, but it does not work for all the games and it is also slow.
So, i totally agree, adding a server list that show up server ip, players and stats where you can join them simply by double-clicking on them would be great, furthermore because would be weird that an old program has all this stuff compared to the new ones, don't you think ? :P.

 I would suggest using Evolve, they are transferring gametime from Xfire users and also Evolve has a Party/LAN feature where you are able to create a party and everyone that joins the party will be able to play in LAN.

Works for most games.

I'm guessing a LAN party is like a virtual LAN game where you trick the game into making a LAN game work online, like gameranger does? If not then maybe I've missed something, so if I have and there's more to it than that I apologise for the rest of this post lol.

But assuming I'm right, a virtual LAN game doesn't compare to the performance of a dedicated 24/7 server that you can join any time with a fixed IP, mods, custom maps, scripts which add much more to the game than you get by default, stats, a mapcycle, mapvoting, and more. For the game I play at least (Halo PC/Custom Edition) it would be extremely difficult to get all this working in a LAN party. And it would be awkward to have to keep inviting people for a game all the time, or temporarily hosting a LAN party hoping people would join. It's just a mess. A dedicated server is great because it's on 24/7, people know it's there and they can join it whenever they want and it has all the extra features I just mentioned.

The nice thing about a favourite server manager like the one that was on Xfire is that you can see how many people are on each of you favourite servers at a glance and decide whether you want to join them before opening up the game, and then you can launch the game and connect directly to the server skipping the menus and lobby etc. This is something that I've been using for many years on Xfire and it's unfortunately the only program that did it. So like I say, unless I misunderstood Evolve is not currently the answer and I still want a server browser! :P

Maybe we should come here with a lot more people,. as was done for the petition of Halo (+17,500 persons), to rise the interest of Raptr's developers ;)


Please, add a server browser on Raptr!

+1 I need my Xfire stats .

Yeah, I was looking for the same thing, to have a server list from where I can double click on a particular server and start the gane, or add a server to favorites (like in Xfire), or add a custom ip to favorites. Please raptr bring these features to the raptr client. Thanks in advace.

Raptr is not what it once used to be... 

Be prepared to have to migrate to another service in the near future

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