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wanting to use scroll lock + combinations and a few other things

coming from xfire and using xfire since its first release i'm finding it difficult to deal with the change. i tired my best to adapt to origin (even tried changing the sound pack to classic xfire sounds.)  i have steam but barley use it, tried evolvehq, and even gsc. and there terrible for just simply opening the program and chatting. i stumbled across raptr  a few hours ago and like it a lot. but there are a few things that bug me. i hate that when i log in i'm greeted with the control center. and also hate how i am steadily told to optimize my games. i use geforce experience for that as i run evga 970ssc in sli

I would like the simple option to just show my friends list on login. like how you can change what double clicking the raptr system tray icon does.

the next thing is xfire old keymapping. i'm so used to scoll lock +  i could hit the keys so easily even if my eyes were poked out and my hand were cut off. but  for some ungodly reason why cant i use scoll lock + combination ?

other then that i would be almost as happy with raptr as i were with xfire and have no complaints.

also if anyone has a work around or way i can change a config or something so i can use scroll lock + combination again please let me know its 4:30am i will be sure to look it to this more after i get some sleep. add me to xfire or raptr cochran069

Sincerely Thanks

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