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Tracking hours are stuck

Played Lost Planet 3 yesterday for 45 minutes, the tracker is still going. Fix pls.

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I have the same problem with Tap Tap Infinity. I played it yesterday but it still shows "Playing"...

same here

I have this problem too. The following games are stuck on me:

Fate Unlimited Codes

Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

 It seems that this problem only happens with games that you track manually. Games that you track automatically track just fine

 This had happened before many times, the last time it happened was a few months ago. 

I also recommend that you don't try to track time again for a game that is currently stuck, as it could cause the game to get the hours it stayed stuck as playtime once the problem is solved

its been stuck for 3 days now and still going...

Same. I added 2 hours to Kingdoms of Amalur a few days ago and its still stuck on Playing. This is going to completely screw up my timer isn't it?

yes it will! it already happened to me a few times in the past...I have another problem I dont know if Im the only one to have this, but in my game collection, I can't filter my games by PS4 or XBOX one Platform. I can filter them with any other platforms but not PS4 and XOne. Do you have that bug too?

fIt's finally fixed, but who knows how long until this problem happens again. Last time the problem repeated itself for about four or five times in a period of three months, if I recall well

Mine is still going on... what should I do?

Im still stuck in 3 games.

I'm still stuck as well. The feature seems pretty unusable until this is fixed.

The last time this happened, they told the userbase they werent going to fix even the manual tracking until enough people got upset over it. Looks like im gonna have to file a ticket if no staff checks this.

 I've had this problem about 3 times in the past. I just played a game and it said I played it for 24 hours because It didn't register that I stopped playing it earlier. I filed a ticket, but last time I filed one it took months for a response.

@LTS55 That only happens when you attemp to start tracking again a game while it is stuck

Now its fixed for me since 3 hours

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