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Errors, Verification and other issues

G'day all,

Been having issues that are starting to come up a lot.

Constant asking of acc verification by email, I verify yet always a few days later same thing. Have previously contacted support about this around the time the old forums were removed.

Error code - 1073741502.   Not sure what that one is but happens every time the pc is on and only popped up within the last couple of months after an update (nothing changed with system).

Cannot track some games, even if I go to re-add them manually I cannot point the locator to the right directories to find exe files, rFactor2 for example.

Sometimes the client doesn't even track game time or randomly locks and crashes..

Nvidia user so not sure if that makes any difference or not, and have seen other users post similar problems so just wondering if there are any potential fixes for these issues.


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