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i dont see any way of starting a new dicussion in groups. i can reply to existing discussions, but nothing that looks anything like a "new discussion" button on firefox, chrome, or the raptr desktop client. there is a green "Share on Raptr" button, but that apparently doesnt do jack squat.

i think removing the actual forums was a mistake and i am displeased.

also related, all the images on this support "forum" here seem to be broken, or are otherwise refusing to load

this isn't a real forum, more like a support ticket system

There's a "Start New Topic" button though

He's talking about on Raptr, I have the same problem, I've used Raptr for a long time and I'm unable to start a thread, Or at least unable to figure out how it's done and I don't struggle with this stuff usually, We know this isn't the community forum but if you cant start a thread to put the question to other users you come to the forums support section which is here. Which is what BDBB did.

Lately the community section seen through the Raptr software has the PC and AMD sections full of chinese(?) gambling site spam so we are unable to see any regular threads, And now they won't even load (crashed). 

Is it a surprise the site is going downhill Those of us who use it daily through our PC gaming are unable to start threads in the community discussions and now we can't even access current threads due to spam filling the limited cross-section of threads that we are shown on Raptr. Add that to the let down the rewards system is (the promise of rewards that get removed before you can physically earn them?) and you will start to see why users are becoming more and more disgruntled with Raptr and why more and more are leaving.

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