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Remember when Rapty had a good friends list and chat integration ?

I have been with Raptr since it was in alpha or beta i think, and for a while now, the only reason i originally signed up is completely gone.

i was wondering if there's something i can do and if maybe a community manager or someone can help explain if anything.

i remember when facebook chat worked properly, i remember when the chat window itself would snap to place while i use DisplayFusion and it would remember its position.

i also posted about them back when that stopped working and as of now i still dont think its fixed.

I wouldnt be surprised if facebook chat not working was facebook's doing but can it be fixed? or removed if its not working ? 

but the chat has gone from being the thing i downloaded for and i NEVER use it now, i have maybe 1 friend that uses raptr still and he is someone i knew at school and haven't spoken to in years, at least it doesn't crash as much as it used to ;) but i still get times like recently where its crashed 3 times in 2 days, one of those being just now when i tried to launch the chat.

so what are everyone else's thoughts on this ? 

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 Well, I agree mostly. As you suspect, facebook chat not working is facebook's doing. It also stopped working in Pidgin and Overwolf. But Steam chat? Come on guys, it stopped working 6 months ago I believe! Pidgin and Overwolf manage to get the chat working using the mobile platform I think. Perhaps you could do the same?

The desktop client seems... stuck to say the least. It's clunky, laggy and not so intuitive. One would think the interface would be better by now, but it hasn't improved. The dock looks like something from the Windows Vista era.

I think you've misplaced your resources. The auto-optimize feature should be gone by now (if you're using an app to track your game time means you're a hardcore gamer - hardcore gamers can enter the graphics menu in a game and change stuff themselves). Same with the driver update thingy. You could add a RSS feed to link to drivers update websites.

Like I said. Stuck. Makes me wonder how long will Raptr be up before it collapses like Xfire did... shame.

i think that desktop, dock, thing ... was the worst thing ever added to Raptr. i disabled it as soon as it showed up, you cant have it anywhere but the edge of the screen and there isn't much use in it. and on that note of optimisation the NVIDIA GeForce Experience does it better AND updates your drivers ... raptr is one of those things i'm really only keeping around at the moment because of the game tracker.

i dont see any use in the optimisation thing, i will just adjust my games myself so they work, like EVE, i have one client on mostly full grafix and one set to lowest i can so i can have two open at once 

i think Raptr just needs to focus on their neish, probably with the gametracker and that works for the most part,

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