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Raptr Desktop App won't track Shadow Warrior achievements or gameplay time.

 Hi there. I've been trying to get Raptr to track Shadow Warrior automatically, but every time I play it, nothing happens. I've tried Googling, but to no avail. Allow me to provide a description. When I start Shadow Warrior, I make sure the desktop app is running and fully functional, that it states my Raptr account is online and active through the Friends & Accounts section. I don't have my Steam account connected through their because it never wants to connect to it, despite putting in the correct login credentials (although if you want to help me with that, too ;)). However, it is connected through my Identities & Achievements in the Account Details section. It gave me a bit of issue on Rise of the Triad, but nothing a little manual scanning wouldn't fix. Problem is, when I try to manually scan for Shadow Warrior, it just adds my time onto the game's respective Raptr pages, and nothing for my achievements, despite having 22 out of 92 of them unlocked. If you have any solutions that I may have overlooked or forgotten to troubleshoot, or if you need more data, I'm all ears and ready to send and receive. Thanks for your time and hopefully I'll hear back from you soon.

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