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Raptr client never connected my PSN account Mellerker40

Not sure what  is wrong with this client.

I really sorry to say this but it is time for you and everyone to forget about the console. Raptr has phasing out the consoles support on March 2015, this is something you can read about in their announcement here.

But the real details are not all mentioned in this announcement. The truth is, PlayStation Network were changing continuously their services with updates, breaking the trophies tracking very frequently and the hours tracked were never accurate or Raptr could not track any progressions at all. A similar situation happened with Xbox LIVE actually which was not really clarified. They have either made some changes which broke the connection and Raptr never fixed it, or it was related to the email address linked to it which is required to log-in to your client. MSN/Hotmail/Outlook stopped working near of the end of 2014. Then later, Facebook also changed their services, breaking the Facebook chat for Raptr as well. And then at the beginning of 2015, Gmail, or Google+ Hangout chat stopped working as well for changing their services.

The only services that still works are currently Xfire, Yahoo and I believe AIM, (but who uses AIM nowadays?). It might be a matter of time before they break too, Yahoo Messenger was supposed to disappear, but then they decided to revive it to put it into a web messenger chat like Facebook or Google+. So as you can probably see, nothing works anymore.

I just tested Steam and it also does not work right now but two or three months ago I believe, I could sign-on. However, connecting Steam to Raptr is totally useless because when you try to open an instant message window, a window from your Steam client will open instead. It was not a bug or anything like that, simply Steam's doing according to a friend who is currently a former employee of Raptr. It was either security issue or incompatibility, I do not remember at this point.

The thing I have been wondering however is; if none of these services works anymore, why not simply delete them from the accounts list of the Raptr client so people can stop asking about them?

I must say
that since AMD gradually came in the picture in January 2015
, many useful features started to fall apart. Raptr started having lots of problems accumulated since then and now nothing works as before except for functions related only to the PC and the PC games. I would not say that Raptr is dying
, but the most useful features before are now definitively dead and it is not completely Raptr's fault.

From 2014 to 2015, two good friends who were previously employees of Raptr left their job. So I do not know how long until other employees decide to follow the same path for different reasons, but I am rather scared at the moment.

So... other similar services, can stil track my PSN progress, but not Raptr? I've been trying for months, and nothing. Guess it's time to stop using Raptr...

@APA_ZAROZO - Other services have collected the time and resources to change the PSN tracking to keep in line with it's current iteration. We stopped supporting consoles a year ago and still currently have no intentions to bring tracking back. If your only interest is consoles, then we would highly recommend going to another service. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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