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Raptr hasn't appeared to track my achievements in a long time

 I have no issue with Raptr tracking my game time, even in new games as they release, such as MGSV:TPP, but none of my Steam acheivements have showed up in ages.  When I go to the page for such a game, again, using TPP as an example, it says "This Game Has No PC Achievements", but shows that "42 achievements haven't been earned by the Raptr community yet. Be the first to unlock them!"

Is this a Raptr error or something on my end?  I've synced Steam achievements from the settings pages multiple times, my URL is correct in settings, my profile is public.  I thought Raptr was going to focus only on PC nowadays, how is it that they seem to have phased out support for new achievements?  The most recent achievement I've been shown to have is one from the original Hotline Miami, which I unlocked on March 26th 2015.  What gives?

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Same problem...

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