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Raptr needs help. Really. Lots.

 Hi folks. Well, the title says it all: Raptr needs help. Badly.

It needs updates (the GUI looks like something from Windows Vista era, the dock... well, from XP). It's full of non-functional features dragging it down. I wish I could say it's the console part that isn't working, but no: it's 40% of the program. From useless apps to non-working chat accounts (no Facebook chat, hell, not even Steam chat -I know FB is on their part, but why not remove it??-). Even things like unbinding keys from functions that one person may not use -it's not possible.

If you disable the ingame interface, it sometimes shows anyway. There's no way to stop the instant replay feature to appear, even if you don't use it at all (it sometimes crashes a game when it hooks, specially if you use SweetFX or ENB mods).

The rewards. Come on. There won't be serious rewards anymore. The budget is not enogh to give the program a proper update with a proper interface with proper funcionality, let alone give us stuff to exchange for our RPs. I mean, seriously, half of Raptr doesn't work anymore. Why don't you just focus on gametracking, which was it's main function? Add some features here and there, but, for god's sake folks, cut off the features that don't work (like, 40% of Raptr) and leave us with a clean, efficient piece of software.

Raptr is sinking right? I'm here mainly because Raptr manage to import my Xfire gaming hours, and I feel Raptr is going the same way Xfire did in 2011: down, mainly due to bad decisions. For Xfire, it was the 'competitive platform'. For Raptr what was? The useless 'optimize' feature? If you're focusing on PC gaming, why leave it? PC gamers can go to the graphics menu and change options themselves. Besides, games are getting better and better at autodetecting hardware and adjusting options accordingly.

Please, take a look at what Evolve 2.0 is. It's currently in beta, but it looks light years ahead of what Raptr has become:

As I said, Raptr needs help. Or a major overhaul. Excuse my English, it's not my native language.


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We're currently working on future plans for Raptr. In the meantime, have you seen It's another piece of software that we've been working heavily on and also working to implement it's features into Raptr. 

As for "Raptr is sinking right?", we're actually doing better than we ever have before.

@Verun Your post is exactly what the OP is talking about as far as all the feature bloat. Why put time/resources into when the market is already saturated with that type of program? While I don't see the fascination with watching other people play games their is a market for it. A market already dominated by Twitch. Why go there? Killing off XFire isn't good enough? You tilting for more windmills? Why?

Play-tracking is your forte. You are great at it. Tying rewards with the tracking is great too. But as OP said we need new rewards. I joined Raptr 3? years ago after being an XFire user for 4? years. The rewards then were varied and good for the most part. I haven't seen an updated reward in almost a year now (the DA:O one I think). Maybe by dropping the useless stuff (Optimize PC,, Facebook crap) and focusing on what got you to the top will keep you there.

But as Dennis Miller used to say: That's just my opinion, I could be wrong. 


@bartoni33 - The Optimization, as well as a few other features are some of the main reasons we were able to get partnership with AMD, Intel, ESL and others. While we understand that not every user may want to use these features, they have been integral backbones for what has been keeping us going. 

"Why put time/resources into when the market is already saturated with that type of program?" -'s what we wanted to do. I think it's important for a company to have a passion for what it works for. We did do game tracking well, but there have also been a lot of issues we've run across it. With multiple platforms just for PC alone, as well as some companies wishing to be more private, and more opportunities for achievements in different areas; it's very possible but it also relies heavily on other companies. If they decide they don't want you tracking their stuff and would rather have their userbase use their own website, then we can have a problem.

TL;DR - Recording and Optimization is something that we want to do, they are working well for the majority of our userbase and we've had substantial growth since implementing those features. So far, it's working very well for us.

@Verun Ahh I see. You have to do what you have to do it looks like. Just don't forget what got you to the top is all Tegarchoff and I are saying. Thanks for the reply, it's nice to be answered by a real person and not a bot!


@bartoni33 - No problem, and we understand the issues, trust us. We see the feedback all the time and we do read it. We're in this period of both growth and change and I know Raptr seems like it hasn't really got a lot of love, but we do intend to make some changes soon but any type of change requires time. As for the rewards which you mentioned, we're very aware and looking for solutions. But I appreciate that you understand that it can be a rough tech world out there and sometimes you have to change a bit to keep in the running. From what I know, we have no plans to get rid of game tracking though.

(P.S. How do you know I'm not a robot? :-) )

Compared to twitch is kinda cool, only takes 5 seconds to upload a highlight, no copyright bullcrap at every corner, no sound muting, no 5 minutes of ads every 10 minutes on the website and so on. Well, at least for now.  What is bothering me tho is that the time tracking system got ignored in the last 1-2 years :(. Don't get rid of this part, just don't. It is still the main thing why i use this app everyday.

@RedBull108 - From best of my knowledge right now, I don't believe we have any intentions to remove game tracking. However, we know it needs to be better. It's unfortunately based off old code (We've been around for almost 8 years I believe) so a lot needs to be dusted off and redone. As you can imagine, that's A LOT of work. But we know that it's not running as well as it should be right now, but we also don't want to spread ourselves too thin right now. Thanks for the feedback!

I actually stopped using the desktop app as the updates drove me nuts and it doesn't work in Linux. Overall I found it alright though. Now I just update non-Steam games manually especially if they're online like Second Life or other MMOs. So yeah, if they allow more options for updates like alert only or disable or whatever then I'll probably reinstall it on my Windows partition :)
Oh, also the general rule is to donate if you want to see something improve! :)

I don't believe we have any method to donate to us, but we appreciate the sentiments :-)

Ah OK! Well, whatever the equivalent is!

Like, buy a t-shirt or something xD

I don't actually know the main ways Raptr makes money so it's hard for me to know exactly what to say :)

We employ an army of tiny orange dinosaurs to dig up gold for us deep in our series of mines!

Just kidding, it's investors!

Wow... now I'm curious lol

The dinosaurs sound even cooler though!

We should invest in the dinosaurs :D

Aaaand so, 4 months passed by, and Raptr is the same old buggy thingy. Oh wait, now it forces the installation of Plays TV; it's bloatware levels have reached new highs. Raptr minor updates are fixing stuff related to recording or instant replay. The core features, the ones that made Raptr the game tracker of choice among many gamers, remain the same: broken, non-functional, obsolete.

Well, at least it's free, so no more complains here. Just hoping for a real update, one that'll actually fix the broken parts.

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