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Video game hacks/bots ect in communities.

 Being a video game site these programs will pop up here and there. When reporting these programs can we get a new category other than "spam content" and "offensive content" something like "Bot/hack/ect" or have some kind of community mod where you can give some raptr members some special power to delete post, or at least flag post and you can get to them faster. I and some other raptr members have been flagging some of these post for over a year with nothing done to them, I for one am tired of seeing these viruses and keyloggers just sit there when it can take less than ten minutes to delete these posts.

Please talk to these people I'm going to list below please give them a warning or just delete these profiles because it's the same person that had made multi accounts to spread these keyloggers/viruses on raptr.

Once you look at these profiles you'll see all the spam with all these fake bots/hack.

Thank you, I hope some type of action will be taken on these post soon.

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In addition to this can we please clean up the communities? I have noticed in a few of them all ready that they are full of spam made by fake accounts. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is one of them full of spam. Can you guys please do something about this, or at least add some dedicated raptr members that are still here that want to help to a mod group to be able to help with things. 


Hi there, omgmichaelr0ck5!

   We clear these posts out periodically. Believe me, we see them and can take appropriate action on those accounts. 

The accounts that you mention will be dealt with first. 

Sorry for the hassle, this is not an intended use for our communities.

 Hello donutsfordinner

Thank you for the reply as I thought that I would never receive one to a post like this. I am glad to hear that you guys "see these so called posts, ect" but confused as to why they were not dealt with then and there, or at least deleted the links to these programs, viruses, keyloggers, ect? (As I see some of these posts that have been left there for over a year, ("periodically"? Is that like once every year? Not to sound rude at all.) But I have no proof to say you are not removing some here and there.)) If it's a question about man power, well you have one right here, that would love to have the job (and would be happy to do it for free, because I really don't want to see raptr fall.) I know it would never come to this but as I was saying in my last post what about some dedicated raptr members that have been trying to help over the years will thing, making a temp mod with very limit power, to start with. Like flagging post you guys see faster, giving out warning, editing post (like deleting links) ect, (and if someone like that was to be done, you could make it so you could check on what we do, as to make sure they are not abusing the some-what power they were given, and doing their job correctly).

Other than that, thank you for reassuring that something is or hopefully will be done about this.

 A new spam account has been made, posting bad links to gaming hacks magodygames. Needs to be taken care of imminently. 

Taken care of. Thanks for the heads up!

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